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What to Bring

What to Bring to NSJC Jamboree?

If you chose the Full Meal Deal, your registration fee covers camping accommodations at base camp, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, as well as breakfast on Sunday, so the only food you will need to bring are trail snacks and beverages. You will have to bring the required amenities for camping like tents, sleeping bags etc. Use the following check list to make sure you come prepared.

Must haves for your Jeep
.. Insurance. Required safety equipment (see Vehicle Registration Inspection information)
.. Driver's license
.. CB radio
.. Full tank of gas

Suggested for your comfort and convenience

.. Cooler for storing your lunch, trail snacks and favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages.
.. First aid kit
.. Extra clothing to wear on the trails, as you could get wet and/or dirty
.. Rain gear (waterproof) including rubber boots.
.. Comfortable hiking boots & absorbent work socks (an extra pair would be wise too!)
.. Hat
.. Work gloves (just in case you get stuck)
.. Lots of good insect repellent. Sometimes the bugs are as tough as the trails!
.. Sunscreen
.. Warm clothing for the nights
.. Recreational equipment (ball gloves, Frisbee, football, etc)
Don’t forget your camera and lots of film (if you still use the film type. If not, then lots of batteries)
If you’ve got one, a video camera is a fantastic idea!