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Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle Admission Requirements

In order to ensure that all registered vehicles are trail-safe, please note that each Jeep will be inspected by qualified mechanics prior to being admitted on the trails. Any Jeep that does not meet the mandatory requirements will not be permitted on the trails. Remember, safety first! Following inspection, each driver will receive a recommendation for the trail ratings that will be most suitable for their vehicle. Please note: should you decide to attempt a trail that is deemed inappropriate for your vehicle, you will be responsible for removing your vehicle from the trail should it incur any mechanical problems. In all other cases we will offer assistance in removing your vehicle. Remember that this is an off-road weekend; the NSJC does not assume responsibility for any body or vehicle damage incurred on the trails.

Your vehicle will be inspected for the following:

.. FRONT TOW HOOKS - Frame mounted with Grade 8 bolts as per Mopar specifications.
.. Operational seat-belts for each person in the vehicle
.. Adequate oil and fluid levels
.. Full-sized spare tire. (If your tire goes flat, and you only have a safety spare, your
vehicle may not be able to make it off the trail.)
.. Skid plates covering the gas tank and transfer case
.. CB Radio
NOTE: If you are driving a Jeep with running boards and mud flaps we strongly suggest you remove them prior to attending the Jamboree.

.. Rear tow hooks
.. Heavy-duty nylon tow straps (20,000 pound minimum) with looped ends
.. Optional skid plates